QUADRUPED A1 Explorer Upgrade Package


QUADRUPED Machine Vision & Learning Upgrade Package

  • Based on a NViDIA NX Development Board
  • Optimized for Machine Vision, Learning & Mapping Solutions
  • 6 TFlops
  • 8GB RAM

Please note the displayed price includes the installation and configuration during the production. If you have already purchased a QUADRUPED A1 and would like to upgrade it, please send us a short email for getting a custom quotation.


SKU: 1010

The QUADRUPED A1 is devided into two Boards, the "UpBoard" and a second Mini-PC which handle the software and is sending or requesting the datas to or from the actuators. The NVIDIA NX is a very small sized but high performance Machine Vision & Learning development board and due to the full ROS Support perfectly for the QUADRUPED A1.

NVIDIA NX Specifications:

  • GPU: NVIDIA Volta architecture with 384 NVIDIA CUDA® cores and 48 Tensor cores
  • CPU: 6-core NVIDIA Carmel ARM®v8.2 64-bit CPU 6 MB L2 + 4 MB L3
  • Memory: 8 GB 128-bit LPDDR4x @ 51.2GB/s
  • Storage: SD-Card


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