Depth perception vision system

High explosive sports performance

Adaptive complex terrain m Long battery life & heavy load

Rich external interface

Built-in intelligent air cooling system

Super-body Long battery life

The patent-pending design of the entire machine is based on a technology developed by the company itself. The weight and power consumption are calculated down to the smallest detail, which ensures a long service life.

Unitree’s proprietary lithium battery provides excellent battery life, which can guarantee up to 4.5 hours of operation. In addition, the built-in cooling system automatically detects the temperature and autonomously starts cooling processes as required. With polymer plastics, carbon fibers and aluminum alloys, environmentally friendly materials were used to find a compliant solution regarding the housing. The fuselage, which contains the entire power supply and signal line, plays a special role in the design of the AlienGo.

Excellent athletic performance

12 high-performance servo motors

With the Alien Go it is possible to execute a wide range of movement mechanisms: Running forward and backward quickly, rolling, jumping, crossing obstacles, avoiding obstacles, re-positioning after a fall, walking on ramps and steps, with a maximum speed of 1m/s. The hull is able to withstand falls and physical impact and is also able to withstand collisions with other objects.

Depth Vision - 3D Real-time map and Navigation Planning

3D Construction

In the process of motion, the robot uses the cameras to obtain the color and depth information of the environment, and then reconstructs the 3D spatial information of the object with the help of a specific vision algorithm.

Probability Map

Octomaps (probability map) are built by using cameras that detect the robot’s surroundings and while moving it is able to provide obstacle data.

Dynamic Obstacle Perception

When the robot encounters a dynamic obstacle, it will refresh the current map data within a certain range, thus discarding the “moving artifact” left by the dynamic obstacle on the map.

The Global Positioning

During the process of map creation, the global and local real-time positioning functions are still available. The map will follow the camera’s perspective in real time, and support real-time zooming in and out, moving and arbitrary rotation.

Loop Detection

The robot can maintain a high loop-back accuracy in a wide range of fields, a high positioning accuracy within a certain range, and can maintain stability within a certain oscillation amplitude, with drift or loss.

Human Posture Recognition Tracking and Face Recognition

Body Posture Recognition

According to the model of depth learning, the color camera can recognize the specific posture of a person and can thus trigger a human-machine interaction. Certain commands can be linked to a specific movement of the AlienGo by using different postures as instructions.

Human Skeleton Perception

Calculations and analyses of the human skeleton are recognizable as two-dimensional information and can be determined using color information and perspective. In addition, the three-dimensional skeletal information of a person can be further analyzed by means of the depth of field, which enables the addition of motion data on a specific character.

Target Person Tracking

If the AlienGo is in an environment with more than one person, it can be instructed to focus on and follow a specific posture of a target person. For example, by raising the left hand, a target person could be perceived to be tracked when moving.


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