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We want to redefine the future. With our four-legged robots, we are breaking new ground - almost limitless

The QUADRUPED robots are based on a Robot Operating System (ROS.org) and can be individually programmed to your environment and requirements. This makes them versatile and exceeds almost all limits of what was previously possible. With new and unique functions, the QUADRUPED A1 and Aliengo represent the pioneers in four-legged robots. This is also reflected in their equipment.

You can find the full documentation at www.docs.quadruped.de. In addition, we have created complete simulation environments based on Webots & Gazebo, which you can use to test your application at any time.

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Based in Germany and Switzerland, we see ourselves
as a partner for four-legged robots – worldwide!

About us
QUADRUPED is a young company specialized in four-legged robots. As a German distributor, we not only have expertise in robotics and automation technology, but also see ourselves as a partner to our customers. Here we offer individual robot solutions tailored to the various projects. Our services include the distribution of QUADRUPED robots, ROS packages that can be used free of charge and developing applications based on this new technology.

The new QUADRUPED Go1 has been further developed on the basis of its “little” brother A1 and has innovative and unique features for a robot in this class. Weighing a mere 12 kg, the four-legged robot with its currently measured top speed of 17 km/h is an optimal companion. This is because the Intelligent Side Tracking System works with the aid of wireless vector positioning and control technology. For the robot, this means being able to run alongside its ‚master‘ instead of reverting to the previously used tracking mode.
Also equipped with AI-controlled fish-eye stereo depth cameras, the new QUADRUPED Go1 captures its environment in full screen. This new robot version also makes use of the latest modules on the hardware side: the built-in powerful AI is supported by a 16-core CPU. The four joints also promise optimized force conversion and offer super-light, low-noise and long life.


The A1 is a 40 cm tall multi-legged robot. With its AI-controlled and depth-sensing smart camera, HD recordings can be transmitted in real time and to a terminal device. But there is much more to the four-legged robot: the A1 has obstacle detection and can avoid obstacles accordingly. Steps? No problem. The A1 impresses with its most recently measured top speed of 11.8 km/h (3.3 m/s), which is unique for a robot of this type. In addition, it can carry loads up to 5 kg.
It communicates with third party modules via two USB ports, HDMI and Ethernet, and offers three protection modes and a tracking mode out of the box. The robot is fully ROS-based and equipped with a Raspberry Pi or NViDIA XAVIER Jetson GPU depending on its use. Each delivered robot has been fully tested, flashed with our latest software, already has an integrated Intel RealSense 3D camera and a runtime of about 1.5 hours (depending on usage).


Aliengo, with a body height of about 60 cm, is the large version of the four-legged robots. For the – packed in high-quality housing – Aliengo it is possible to cross step heights of up
to 35 cm. Due to the high-speed intelligent actuators, this has a payload of up to 10 kg. This means that various third-party devices such as a manipulator, 3D LiDAR, a camera for ORB2-SLAM mapping or other payloads can be carried and transported over longer distances. Great power management promises up to 3.5 hours of runtime (depending on terrain and speed).

A1 in motion

Our video example shows a first glimpse of the versatility of the A1. The intelligent system is protected by a high-quality exterior. An uneven surface? Steps? A breeze for the all-rounder, which can be used for SLAM, mapping, obstacle avoidance and much more!

Our vision

Setting new boundaries and overcoming obstacles. In cooperation with institutions worldwide, we are always looking for the optimal solution. The basis for this is constant research and close cooperation with research institutes, universities and private development departments. In this respect, we do not act as a pure reseller or distributor, but see ourselves as a partner.
With our internationally established network – consisting of specialists from different industries – we want to make the world of robotics a little smarter together.
We also conduct internal research in the areas of path planning, obstacle avoidance, mobile manipulation & multi-legged robotics. And all this with a clear overarching goal: to automate recurring tasks in these areas that are still performed by humans or are too dangerous for human interaction in the long term.

Our portfolio

Autonomous systems are already finding useful applications in various industries and sectors. These include storage systems, manufacturing plants or robots for the development of applications. As a German partner, we provide you with a wide range of products, in which a variety of components can be found for almost every area of application. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, we work closely with various manufacturers and distributors. Among them are well-known companies like Clearpath Robotics, Universal Robots, Ouster, Hokuyo, ROBOTIS and some more. Thus, we can provide an extensive range of components for the development of Artificial Intelligence up to Machine Vision applications. If desired, we can also offer the development of various electronics or entire robots. In doing so, we evaluate the implementation possibilities and the course of the project together with the client.

Our know how

Our customers range from private customers to universities and industrial companies. But as different as these three target groups may be, they all have one goal in common: to create the best possible solution! And we support this with our engineering expertise through regularly published reviews, quick-start guides and application examples. These can be viewed free of charge on our home page, or under the
“News & Reviews” tab. In addition, a support forum in German and English is available at www.forum.mybotshop.de.
This can be used for technical support as well as a knowledge base.
Are you looking for a customized product? No problem for us. Because we are strong in the internal development of our own hardware and corresponding software packages, which enable the problem-free integration or control of third-party components.

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